Lemon cheesecake bars

🍋 lemon cheesecake cookie bars! ⠀⠀Ok so these may not be the prettiest cookie bars you ever did see BUT they are delicious! So I’m still going to share the recipe because if we’re being real not everything we make comes out looking amazing every single time, that doesn’t mean it can’t still be super


Fudgy Milo brownies

Milo brownies are probably one of my favorites things to eat ever 😍. ⠀⠀Hopefully you know what Milo is but depending on where you’re from you might not know so here’s a quick Milo lesson for you 🙂. It’s basically a powdered chocolate malt drink invented in Australia and VERY popular in some asian, African

Orange tea cake

I’m all for decadent chocolate cakes or layers of cake in between buttercream 🤤, but sometimes I also really just want a slice of a good moist (ups), fruity cake that pairs perfectly with a nice hot cup of tea. ⠀I love ordering both in nice little cafés to read books or people watch buuuut

Black forest cake

Black Forest Cake inspired by my dad ♥⠀⠀I live 10.214 km away from my parents and miss them basically everyday all day long, even though we’re always talking. I thought it would be nice to start baking some things I know they love and have recipes to make once I go home to visit (coronavirus

Chocolate chip buttermilk banana bread

This recipe makes for the most amazing, moist, flavorful and chocolatey banana bread. And my favorite part, you make it all in one bowl so you don’t have to wash too many dishes 🙂. Your welcome. ⠀⠀Recipe: ⠀•3 mashed ripe bananas ⠀•2 eggs⠀•200 gr Brown sugar⠀•110 gr melted butter ⠀•120 gr buttermilk ⠀•1 1/2 tsp

Carrot Cake

When I baked this carrot cake I made it because I had a flashback moment of my 7th birthday, it was 18 years ago but I literally still remember that there was carrot cake and that it was delicious 😍. ⠀It was my first birthday after having moved to the US from Colombia with my