Fudgy Milo brownies


Milo brownies are probably one of my favorites things to eat ever 😍. ⠀

Hopefully you know what Milo is but depending on where you’re from you might not know so here’s a quick Milo lesson for you 🙂. It’s basically a powdered chocolate malt drink invented in Australia and VERY popular in some asian, African and Latin American countries (especially mine AKA Colombia). ⠀

Anything made with this chocolate powder is pure gold 🤩 and you should definitely try it out if you haven’t, but these brownies can also easily be made with your favorite chocolate milk powder like Nesquik or Ovaltine. ⠀

This is my friend @lauradada ‘s recipe and it’s super fudgy, just like we all want our brownies to be ♥. ⠀
•2 cups flour ⠀
•4 eggs ⠀
•1 cup brown sugar ⠀
•1 cup white sugar ⠀
•210 gr. butter ⠀
•1/2 tsp vanilla⠀
•1 tsp salt ⠀
•1 cup of Milo (or other chocolate drink powder) ⠀

1. Melt your butter and mix with both sugars.⠀
2. Add in one egg at a time and beat well after each one. ⠀
3. Add vanilla and salt. ⠀
4. Incorporate the flour in without over mixing. ⠀
5. Add in the Milo/chocolate drink powder.
6. Pour into a square baking tin. ⠀
Bake at 175C for 25-30 minutes. ⠀

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